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About Family Service Day

Businesses Helping Families

Imagine a world where businesses make giving back a part of their mission, where these businesses are identified in their community as best-in-class while building customer and employee loyalty. What if there was a blueprint that showed business owners how to do this? Imagine the results!

Family Service Day helps businesses “do well by doing good.” We have created a unique and proven cause marketing program designed to help businesses help families. Our Keeping Cars Kickin’ initiative allows local auto repair shops to provide no-cost car repair services to families in need. We focus on serving single-parent families and military families with a deployed spouse, though all families are invited to participate.


Learn more about our Family Service Day events, or learn how you can get involved as a sponsor or service provider! Contact us online or by phone at (855) 958-7788 today.

Keeping Cars Kickin’

Keeping Cars Kickin’ is Family Service Day’s flagship initiative, designed for the automotive industry. Participating repair shops offer no-charge vehicle maintenance, service, and car-care education to families temporarily in need of a “hand up.” Sharing their talents as automotive professionals is a great way for shop owners and employees to connect with their community while strengthening local business relationships.

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How Family Service Day Began

Family Service Day originated in 2009 with Williamsburg, VA-based company, American Pride Automotive. The idea was simple: offer support to single-parent families and deployed military by offering the gifts and talents we have been given, the ability to repair vehicles, for free. Over the past nine years, Family Service Day has grown to include automotive repair shops from coast to coast. All throughout the U.S., families are invited to attend Keeping Cars Kickin’ events, allowing local businesses to connect with the community—and the community to connect with local businesses.

There are really no limitations. If you have the desire to make an impact in your community, Family Service Day is a great way to get involved. We provide everything you need to carry out a successful event or become a sponsor for an event in your area. We even offer national partnerships for those wishing to help auto repair shops receive the opportunity to grow.

If you’d like to learn more about Family Service Day or our Keeping Cars Kickin’ initiative, give us a call at (855) 958-7788 or fill out an online contact form.

How We Help

  • Do Well By Doing Good

    We can help you make an impact in your community, and implement a successful event to share your talent and build connections.

  • Community Partnerships

    Family Service Days are family-friendly, fun events that bring together families, businesses, nonprofits, and sponsors.

  • Service for Families

    Guests that need a ‘hand up’ come to the participating business and receive services and car-care tips at no charge.