Founder of Family Service Day Proud of His Team

For the first time in since 2009, Charlie Marcotte, owner of American Pride Automotive and founder of Family Service Day was not at his own Keeping Cars Kickin’ event during Family Service Day’s first national day of service on November 7, 2015. Instead, he joined two Florida shops that held their first events on that same day. Marcotte spent the morning changing oil alongside shop owner Jamie Caldwell at Elite Motor Works in Sarasota and the afternoon with Anna and John Velickovich of Car Doc on the Island in Venice. “What made this month’s event so special is that I wasn’t there. My team came together, organized and executed our event with the same passion as always because they have seen the results firsthand and have felt the positive effects on our business. While reviewing the pictures, post event, I felt like a proud father. Family Service Day continues to change my company for the better.”

CLICK HERE to view American Pride Automotive’s 27th Family Service Day – Keeping Cars Kickin’ event.